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Updated: Aug 18, 2020

We have spent the summer reflecting on the Black Lives Matter movement and the issues which it has brought to the fore. We have found several groups which give a platform to under-represented voices in architecture.

This is in no way an exhaustive list and we would like to find more Scottish based groups. If you have suggestions to add to our list then please email:

Narrative Practice

Narrative Practice is a london-based architectural design, research and teaching platform centred around embedding culture and story into space. It is led by Dhruv Gulabchande

Afterparti Zine

Afterparti create and champion platfroms for under-represented voices in architecture and design. Issue 00, entitled ‘The Time for Failure is Now’ was published in 2019. The theme for 2020 is ‘For the Love of Power’ and began with an on-stage conversation at the Barbican.

Muslim Women in Architecture

A platform that celebrates Muslim Women in Architecture and the Built Environment.

Sound Advice

Sound Advice is a platform exploring spatial inequality. Mixing social commentary and music and founded by urbanists Pooja Agrawal and Joseph Henry.

Black Females in Architecture

Black Females in Architecture is a network and enterprise founded to increase the visibility of black and black-mixed heritage females within architecture and other built environment fields.


LionHeart is a TEDx Speaker, BBC Radio London Presenter, Award winning Poet and International spoken word performer. His debut poetry collection ‘The Mute’s Rebellion’ excavates memories of social anxiety, selective mutism, upbringing, emotional vulnerability and more. LionHeart was the first poet in residence at Grimshaw Architects, Squires and Partners and The Building Centre.

Migrant’s Bureau

Migrants Bureau curate, research and facilitate design interventions in response to the influence that culture, geography and social circumstances can have on people’s experiences of the city and its architecture.

In 2020, Migrants Bureau hosted a supper club, bringing together collectives from across the cultural, architectural and design fields with ‘Pecha Kucha’ style presentations by a selection of inspirational speakers.

Resolve Collective

An Interdisciplinary Design Collective using architeture, art and technology to address social issues in the built environment.

Depatriarchise Design

A non-profit design research platform that examines the complicity of design in the reproduction of opressive systems.

New Architecture Writers

A free programme for emerging design writers. N.A.W. focuses on black and minority ethnic emerging writers who are under-represented across design journalism and curation. A series of evening workshops, talks and writing briefs form the core of N.A.W’s programme with one-to-one mentoring from experienced design critics and editors throughout.

Built By Us

Built By Us is a not-for-profit consultancy based in London that specialises in the construction sector. BBU has a vision that by 2030 it will have played an active role in the creation of a diverse UK construction sector which both reflects the society it serves and draws on the talents of a diverse workforce.

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